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ERP is built on JavaScript and NoSQL DB. Tech stack is BackboneJS, NodeJS & MongoDB.
Such stack provides faster work compared with other solutions.

Flexible platform

We plan to implement hybrid SQL: MongoDB and Postgre, BigData analysis. Import/export and integration with other solutions.
It is very easy to implement new modules.


Code is open-source and available for everyone without any limitations.

User-friendly UX/UI

We implement modern design trends in UX&UI.
Interface is easy, light and predictive to work with.

New request & improvements

We are open for new requests and improvements. All changes & updates are implemented very fast.

Users build the future vision, bringing best ideas to life


ERP is ready to use and accepts customization. We support our partners to launch and benefit from it.

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Web based open source ERP

Offering source code flexibility and eliminating acquisition costs. The basic code is yours for free, and you can turn it into whatever you need it to be.

CRM, HR, Project Management

A complete integrated solution for all departments that enables seamless sharing of projects and files, organizing actions in the best possible way.


Fast and stable solution

With Node.js and latest optimization methods, our ERP is extremely fast displaying outstanding performance in all areas of business management.

Cloud & on-premise versions

With regard to industry sector, vertical market, location or other criteria both ways of ERP implementation are at hand, cloud and on-premise.

Easy and ready to go

The interface is simple and intuitive, start using the ERP right away, no manuals or staff training needed - all modules look and act just like expected.